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Actually the limiter on the F4, maybe, should be called a hybrid limiter.

Hybrid, because while it acts in the digital domain, it acts on the analog stage as well.

There is a lot of headroom available if you are not trying to, stupidly, record at 0dbFS. Remember that 0dbFS means the digital signal is all ones, and a digital signal is only zeros and ones. 16, or 24, ones is all you can get.

If you are recording film dialog 16/48, and set your recorder for -12db (0dbVU in that case) You have 12db of headroom at your loudest normal recording. If your limiter is set at -6db soft-knee as mine is the sound starts rolling off at -6db and by the time it reaches 0db there is no more gain to cause clipping.

Normally, it does not reach the limiting stage, but if it does it sounds like you are using a compressor on the signal, not great, but nowhere near as harsh as clipping or the default -2db fast-knee overload limiting.

Now, no one who has these recorders is claiming they are as good as ones that cost 5+ times as much, but they are better than the old school recorders that only a few years ago cost 2 or 3 times as much.

Another point, hidden in the noise of the other thread, are a few posts by people who own these recorders, none of them are complaining about the recorders performance. All those complaints seem to be by people who "know" how things used to be. REMEMBER that a lot of those people were telling us the recorders were junk months before they were available even to reviewers, how could they know that?

In another couple of years there probably will be better recorders at this price point. At the moment, I consider the F-Series Zooms to be the bottom level professional recorders out there.