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Here's a comparison of the F8 and an SD 633 illustrating the action of the limiters.

That pretty much answers the questions as far as I'm concerned. One of the reasons to get a pro-level mixer is to get pro-level limiters. They really are worth it IMHO.

My wife dropped (from a just a few cm up) a glass mixing bowl on a granite counter top at a cooking demo I was filming for her. She didn't break it, but the resulting sound was loud enough in my headphones that I literally jumped even though I saw it when it happened and knew what it was. I'm just sayin' it was loud. I figured the sound there was toast and I'd spend quite a bit of time working it in post. But my MixPre-D's limiters handled it with ease; the only way I knew what happened was by watching the video. The sound was perfectly smooth without any clipping or artifacts at all. The limiter's compression was perfectly natural. Zero post work because of that mistake.

A couple of those and the mixer is paid for in the lack of post processing time. This is why I tell people that pro-level limiters are worth the cost. Because they have been to me.

Of course YMMV.