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I'd be more interested in the Princeton, considering its smaller and easier to ship - for a large amp like a Bassman I would probably want to deal with a local builder who has a verifiable history of quality amps. But, I was doing some searches on modified Bassman heads yesterday and found a page with people putting their Bassman heads into a 1x12 combo - maybe an idea...
Princeton I could do just fine, but I wouldn't feel comfortable building Bassman for someone else at this point. I would have to build one for myself first, and see if it's any good.
But at some point in the future I could put a Bassman chassis in a Deluxe style 12 inch combo (or in a headshell). Or I could just make a Bassman, without any cab or headshell.

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Someone who makes head versions of everything would have a leg up, in my book. I already have plenty of cabs, and I don't have space for more. However, I could easily find space for a tweed Champ, Princeton, Bassman, Twin, Deluxe, etc, head or two.
That's what I thought also. I see a lot of 'standard' clones, but few head versions or other custom stuff.
I'm building clones for the portfolio mostly.
I also prefer cab + head setup (that's what I've built for myself).

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Bassman heads, modified to resemble early JTM-45s could be an option. I have been tinkering with the idea of building one for myself.
As far as I know, JTM-45 schematic is very similar to the Bassman.
But why not build a JTM-45 head instead?

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Price is going to be king.

What I want in a princeton is A. tube trem and B. Spring reverb.

If you're building one that does those things, lmk. I may be in the market for a princeton and I keep eyeballing the 68 custom.
If you want tremolo and spring reverb you'll need extra tubes and transformers. Also a completely custom metal chassis for the amp.
This would be a quite heavy mod. It would be too much work for 1 time thing.

What I can do atm is making custom cabs and headshells, and some minor mods (like high gain channel for 5e3).