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Old 3rd February 2017
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Zoom F4 Limiters (& I guess, F8 Limiters)

The Zoom F4 thread is so full of garbage that I figure that I needed to start another. SIGH!

In that other thread I stated that it appeared that all 4 channels pre's, A/D's, and Limiters are in one IC chip. And that I thought the limiters while digital adjusted the pre-amp gain. And that the design was such that over driving the A/D's seemed unlikely.

Anyway to cut to the chase, I asked a Zoom Rep on another forum about that. He confirmed that I was pretty much correct in my surmise. That the limiters knock down the analog gain in the pre-amp up to 10db. And while the recorder can clip with the limiters on it is unlikely if used sensibly.

It is kind of nice to be proven correct (grin).