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Okay, getting waaay ahead of ourselves here, but let's entertain the idea while we at it.

These old circuits do sound old (timeless?).... it's not 'facemelting' kind of sound.

And as far as I know, younger people will buy the cheapest digital thing they can find, as long as it has 999+ effects, 526 band graphic EQ and you can switch sounds with a pedal. I know that's what I did, when I was a teenager now here I am, loving an amp with 1 volume knob and not even using any pedals

Does it even makes sense, trying to appeal to younger guitar players?
I mean, it sure does from a business standpoint.... but what I want to do, is to build amps I like, occasionally sell one or two to further invest in my DIY.
Youngsters wouldn't even be able to afford it, if it's all tube, p2p handwired, and made in small quantities. Just the 2 good quality transformers (power and output) for a 5e3 cost about 120 euro - you could buy a digital solid state combo amp for that amount of money. You can't compete with that, if you want to build a good amp.

Btw, I'm 29 years old.
You're absolutely correct, the kids (at least those in the mass market) want cheap junk with lots of bells and whistles to give them "choices" to play with for the lowest possible expenditure per gizmo (free is good) so they have plenty of stuff to play with because actually playing guitar is HARD.