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Don't make clones - there are already established names out there that do that, and any clone buyer is going to go for those names rather than some newb who has no internet credit to his name.

So, the following advice will only cost you 10% of your companies stock (i'll collect once you have conquered the world with your amps and incorporated):
Use the circuits from those old fenders, but put them in high tech looking enclosures and call the amps retro-futuristic and price them far lower than your average clone.

That way you can sell good sounding (and cool looking) amps to lots of people (rather than to a few snobs) and on top of that avoid the typical internet complaints of "it doesn't sound like the originals" (the kind of people who like to complain about this will not and cannot be stopped from doing so, no matter how good your amp might be) because you are no longer trying to live up to an unattainable goal.

Much easier than cloning something that no one will accept as being like "the real thing" anyway... :D