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They look (and I'm sure sound) great, but it is a flooded market. Don't let that stop you though!
Thanks, it does sound very nice.
I've made a champ head and a 12 inch cab with a Jensen p12r for myself, and it works great for me. I don't even feel like using fx pedals. Great tone with a single knob. Less is more.

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Not trying to knock you down, but I agree that this market seems really saturated.

I've always thought if someone wanted to clone anything, they should clone my old "Fenler" (not a typo) Bassman head...measure its current decayed component values, its wonky mismatched tubes...make a point to point remake (it already is P2P), then you'd have a hit.
Yes, guitar amp market is saturated, but what isn't these days? Does this mean not a single guitar amp is getting sold?
I think it's all about standing out - because most of the clones I see on the web are rather boring. You'll see what I'm talking about once I show the other amps I've been working on (I hope )

Even without component matching making a good p2p clone is a lot of work. But trying to replicate a particular amp with all its wonkyness is a complete non-starter.

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Are you talking about your comment?