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Old 1st February 2017
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I'm completely new to this pre-amp NTI Nightpro PreQ3 - a buddy of mine knows of someone selling theirs. I've been looking at the vintech x73i and the UA 6176 (I know these are 2 different flavors) but was interested to hear any input on this NTI PreQ3 and how it compares in terms of sonic tone. I'm recording rock (doubling guitar tracks), male vocals and some acoustic (think of bands like Blind Melon, Foo Fighters and the Black Crowes and you then have an idea of the main type of music I'm recording). Mic locker is solid - 2 Shure 57's, AKG 414 BULS, AEA N22 and an sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 - interface is a PreSonus VSL1818. The mission is to be able to record professional grade guitar and vocal tracks at home to save $$ in the studio (and do drums, percussion and mixing in the studio). Thanks in advance