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Neb 3 server was given an upgrade path.

That was the nebula product released prior to N4.

They announced that it would be the only upgrade path offered; Well in advance.

Likewise they offer (massive) loyalty discounts and pre-sale prices.

Existing users of SERVER were offered
that path. Loyalty was rewarded.

So, I understand you are frustrated that you don't qualify. No one likes paying more than they feel they should have to.

But Nebula 3 still works. An overwhelming majority of the libraries for either will be neb 3 libs for quite sometime. No one has taken away anything you own.

If it's truly a product you want, it has traditionally been the most attractive Black Friday discount they offer.

By that time it should be more obvious (based on what the Devs are saying) if the potential aspects will be fast-tracked.

N4 free is there in the meantime...
I think I agree with all of this. What matters to me is functionality, sound quality, stability. I think Acustica should charge whatever they need to charge to satisfy their business needs. I want them to survive and thrive because the products do sound great and are highly educational at the same time.