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Originally Posted by David Ray View Post
Again, remember an HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player was a new product that ALSO played DVDs. "But it plays DVDs!!! How could it be new. That should be a free update!!"
Has anyone on this thread said this should be a free update, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a nebula 4 product, not a completely new concept or range of products, like Coral or Navy for example.

It would be nice if existing N3 Pro users were acknowledged for their support and given an upgrade path. But by claiming it is a new breed etc etc is giving AA the option to charge full rate as if it were a new conception, when if fact it is a reworking of an existing idea called N3.

There is a precedent in the world of software to acknowledge existing users with an upgrade path, I wouldn't rest your case just yet your honor.