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Old 28th January 2017
Here for the gear

The 1.0.3 update, very nice and love the bigger UI, also the inclusion of the lookahead gives it a smoother sound when shaping at more extreme quantities.

The review from protools expert didn't do justice to this plugin, personally I don't see it as a transient shaper, but more as an eq for attack and sustain (removing resonances whitout losing attack, cleaning up the signal with a smooth lowpass on the sustain.)
Traditional transient shapers always mess up the dynamics from acoustic sources in a unnatural way because of the irragularities (humans), for EDM however that works great.

I think that adding an extra gate is unnecessary, so far on my test mixes I rarely had to reach for a gate with this plugin active, except for a few heavier/metal genres.

The option for seperating the attack and sustain to different channels would be a good idea, especially with the upcoming eventide plugin to keep the transgressor competitive function wise. And having the edge to process attack and sustain with your own plugins. But I have no idea how to realize this.

An oversampling option might be a worthwile idea, I did a comparison test with 48khz and 96khz material, and I ''percieved'' a smoother result at 96khz.

I also had another idea, customizable envelopes for attack and sustain if easy to implement.

Question: is the release knob a small crossfade between attack and sustain eq's?

All this is from a mixing engineers perspective,