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Can I ask for a feature?
I have found that I quite like the sound of boosting the sustain portion of the sound on snares. Unfortunately this brings up the bleed. So, maybe a separate "gate" knob and sustain release settings. I.e. the logic would be like this -- transient is detencted, transient EQ applied with set hold and release, then sustain release applied, then gate is applied.
I can use other plugins before (or after) Transgressor as gates, or even two Transgressors in series, but having a gate would be easier and faster.
Anyway, this is seriously cool and powerful plugin!
I'm pretty torn on this. I agree, in that using this with a gate makes it way more powerful.


1) I don't want to add too much complexity to this plugin. It's already a foreign enough idea that a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their head around how to make it work for them. Adding more options will just make it harder to use for most people, even if it is more powerful for others.

2) I actually have a gate that is 90% finished that should be released next month. I know that gates are the most boring plugin in the world, but this one is actually really cool, and not gimmicky cool. It takes what I believe to be a much better approach to gating. I'm strongly considering making this gate a free product to anyone who purchases Transgressor during the opening sale.