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Old 19th April 2007
keziah's next record...

hello everyone,

i just wanted to talk about keziah jones' next album. we've taken a break from recording for a few months while keziah is writing more songs. he's been all over the globe these past few months getting inspirations and such in lagos, spain, london and paris. black orpheus was such a blast to mix, but this time around i'll be helping keziah with the production as well. we cut around 18 tracks so far. and we've got some amazing players on it. we've got roy hargrove doing the horn arrangements (genius). we have doug wimbush (bass) and will calhoun (drums) from "living color". also on drums we got Jason Thomas (JT) from Roy's RH factor band (who's really killin it on the polyrhythmic ****) and he is teamed up with Adam Blackstone who plays bass in Jil Scott's band. And James Poyser is helping with his keyboard talents. Amp Fiddler is playing keys as well.

all of it is being tracked to 2" running 15ips with Dolby SR. the songs are sounding amazing so far and we've only just begun. i think overall, this album will be more edgy and funky, sonically and musically. and he's doing quite a bit of experimenting with his voice. i've not heard him sing like this before. and the players have been just nailing the songs. it's been about 5 years since that album and we've both grown since then, so it should be very interesting... eeh. so keep your eye out for it on "Because Records" and there will be a release in the US this time...

Keziah Jones official site

all the best