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Soft Synths and A/D Converters - Please explain

Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum, but have referred to it on several occasions. I read alot about the importance of tracking through high quality a/d converters . Supposedly it gives the music a depth, width and fullness thats not there when A/B'd against a typical onboard a/d converter. OK, great. But what if all of your music is coming from soft synths and requires no conversion? What do you do with a mix like this to make it have depth and clarity as well. If you answer this question, it will explain to me the importance of getting expensive a/d boxes.

For example, I use a 002R as my interface. I also sometimes use software synths for instrumental music. If I bought an HD system, what would be my advantages, as far as sound quality, if the software synth requires no converting. To me it seems logical that the 002 and the HD recordings of the Soft Synth should be identical. Please break it down for me. Thanks