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Old 21st January 2017
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I have the Firestudio Project (8 mic outputs). Should I trash that and go for the Apollo? Or...would just adding a nicer preamp to my Firestudio help the quality.
That depends on a few things. First is - can you bypass the Firestudio preamps? If you can't then there the option would be to have the pre going through the send/return - if you can tap signal from there of course! That was the case with my old Steinberg MR816. Final option would be to use the SPDIF but that would required another converter, not an ideal solution in terms of cost I believe.

I think the Apollo would likely offer better conversion and preamps, so that would probably mean a quality bump, not to mention having more recent interfacing from Thunderbolt. Firewire's days seems to be running short so that's something to be taken into account as well, so a TB Apollo seems to be a more "future-proof" option at this point.