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Hey Chris,

I ran a test today to compare PurestGain vs my two other gain plugins I use: HOFA 4U and DMG TrackControl.

In my test I put a random apple loop on two separate tracks. On one track I put PurestGain at -12dB. On the other I put HOFA and DMG both at -12 dB with the phase switched (using each plugins own switch).

They both null out to somewhere around ~-150dB. I decided to raise the gain on the master to see if or when I could hear something. Using PurestGain I raised the master +144dB and bounced both files.

DMG TrackControl NULLED with PurestGain: You just hear crackle
HOFA 4U NULLED with PurestGain: You hear some of the loop as well as the crackle.

My question is what am I hearing?

DAW: Logic 10.3 Files: 24/44
(No dither or sample rate conversion was used)
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File Type: aif DMG Track Control plus 144db.aif (2.72 MB, 75 views) File Type: aif HOFA 4U Plus144db.aif (2.72 MB, 71 views)