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The Fairlights varisped their playback in the most precise manner. I know it's hardly possible with a DAW,
This isn't true. Ardour can sync to incoming MTC to within about 100 samples of the master, using continuous varispeed coupled to a DLL. It locks in about two MTC/SMPTE frames.

I'd certainly love to see Reaper being a high performance dubber. But for that it needs to be able to sort out machine control input and run from timecode.
You might consider Ardour for this purpose, especially since it does destructive recording if asked to (something I don't believe Reaper does). Harrison is now selling the X-Dubber specifically for this purpose, which is just Ardour running on multi-processor opteron system with their network I/O that carries hundreds of channels plus timecode, machine control etc. See this URL for photos and details of that system: