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Many thanks for opening up your years of experience with us all. I have learnt an immense amount from the threads already so thanks.
In the search for the best mixes possible I've been experimenting with digital recordings by zooming right in and aligning say snare and overheads so that the snare and O/H transients line up. This is making the mix tighter and cleaner but I have feeling it is losing some character.
Do or have you ever tried anything like this or how do you approach this when on tape?
Is it all down to mic placement at tracking?, and being extremely thorough.
I just picked up a MTR90 you see, and will be starting to do tape only mixes.Many thanks, tko.
hello tko,

your welcome heh

i've never tried to align any drum tracks when working with pro tools unless there was an obvious shift on one of the tracks for some mysterious reason that only the digital gods know the answers to. my biggest phase problems with pro tools comes from the latency when reamping where the reamped track is slightly behind the original. you don't have to worry about any latency whatsoever or tracks shifting when using tape. once you record your track and your alignment is correct, then playback will be exactly what you recorded. PERIOD! you should check the phase between the mics when recording drums. good luck with the tape machine. make sure you've got the proper alignment and keep the heads clean. you might find some useful tips in the thread "drum talk".

all the best