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How do you follow an epic like Voodoo?
It's seems like one of the scariest things imaginable. You have this incredible groundbreaking album with no "hit" single and around 2,000,000 albums sold purley because 2,000,000 recognized how brilliant it was.
Is anyone scared of a flop? This new album, from it's description, sounds like every labels nightmare. Are they giving you guys a hard time about the creative direction?
How do you get them off your nuts long enough to spend 7 years on an album?
I just can't see any label putting up with this reckless abandon and willful creativity... What is the secret?
hello paul,

yes it is scary but thankfully i dont have to worry about trying to sell the album once my part is done! i can't really speak for them but i'm sure everyone at the label is concerned if it will flop or not, but i think the possiblities of a success outweighs that. the thing with D'angelo is that there is no one else that can do what he's doing. he paved the way for the neo soul movement and now he will be forging a new path. i've been working with D since 1994 and there's never been an A&R person giving any direction. D does what he wants in the studio and never compromises on anything. i'm not sure what the secret is. but i do know that there is a lot of faith in d'angelo's talents and his music.