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Old 18th April 2007
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Couldn't agree with you more Russ...!
These level wars have reached a point of total non-sense. It's great to read big time pros like you complain about it and make a stand.
It was funny to read this thread with the Waves banner on top of the page reading "MAXXIMUM"...kinda ironic.
I'm lucky to do mainly vinyl releases where you can't get things sounding good if they're too hot!
On the other hand it's odd no major executive has seen a correlation between decreasing record sales and increasing output levels....maybe there isn't...but more and more people tell me they're having a hard time listening to the new stuff...they get ear fatigue after a couple tracks, and rather play some older albums...
Do you print your mixes hot on the 1/2"? Cheers!
hello tom,

can i get an AMEN! yes i do print fairly hot with a +6/185 alignment. but most of the time, i'm not looking for any crunch from printing. with a +6 alignmet, you can get away with pretty hot levels before distortion. but for some hip hop stuff i print hotter than i normally would.

turn up the volume please