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Thanks Justin-
I checked the manual before this response, but did not see specifically what I am referring to. Reaper is installed on a laptop that I don't have with me. I think in the Reaper Preferences>Audio>Playback there may be a setting that ranges from 1 (very relaxed) to 13 (very aggressive) and I think it has something to do with buffering. It may, in fact be the buffer number. Anyway, I'll check this and try to precisely state what I am looking at and curious about. Thanks for your time.

Ah yes.. this setting controls the way the threads that do some of this other work (reading from disk and rendering FX) behave.. higher numbers make them try more often to fill these buffers up.. Increasing this value means that those threads will have slightly more overhead, but may perform better at really low latencies (i.e. < 64 samples).