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How about the latency 'problem' of going in and out, especially in an overdubbing situation? Is this just a 'one click' setting for all channels or can channels be individually compensated for without resorting to nudging on the time line, indeed, how does external delay compensation work (from a practical point of view) in Reaper?

For the purposes of recording, REAPER can automatically compensate the recorded items to fit perfectly (it uses the ASIO driver which is usually accurate to within a few samples, and if your driver is off a little--or your converters etc have a little latency--you can use a manual option to adjust the offset).

With respect to monitoring of inputs through REAPER, and through FX, it's a little trickier since there can be latency added by the interface and some FX.. but if you're using a desk this is probably not an issue..