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Here for the gear

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For my late 2013 iMac, I just moved to an external USB3 solid state drive for my boot drive. Like you, I looked at the tutorials, and will not dig into my iMac. I've done extensive work on laptops and desktops, but no way am I going to mess with the insides of an iMac. Never say never, I guess. USB3 solid state is a vast improvement over internal mechanical hard drive. I'm not getting the full speed the SSD is capable of, but it is far superior to the internal mechanical drive. I use the internal drive for storage now.
Guess we're kinda in the same boat. Do you have sufficient power to handle bigger projects, or have you considered other options? What processor do you have? i got the i5 3,5 ghz quad, and I regret not getting the i7 chip, which woulda given me the opportunity to utilise hyperthreading (If I'm not mistaken?)
I'm hearing great things about the Thunderbolt connection, why did you choose the USB3? I'm assuming you got a thunderbolt connection on your computer here.

I believe my 4 cores are bottlenecking my projects at a certain point, and there's not a lot to do about that, is there? I will definitely consider investing in an external SSD (Thunderbolt or USB3?) and use that for bootup, like you did, if that's something you can recommend.

Also, I've used up quite a lot of space, only got 300 gb left of my hd. A lot of it are non-essential software, but I'm unsure of how to clean it up, any suggestions for this? Was thinking of collecting my sample library and other things I want to save, then format the drive, is this a good idea?