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Old 18th April 2007
Here for the gear

This feature is extremely interesting to me too. Will it be possible at some point to network machines across platforms? My knowledge of these things is limited but I assume, as you are transferring audio and midi data that it would be possible, or rather easier than say getting two platforms talking in with non-generic data. If that makes sense?

Of course at the moment there is 'feedback' that allows the host to control the settings in the slave and sure it'd be a pain in the backside having to change settings on two machines (as FX Teleport and the like works) but there are ways to make this simpler with peripheral and display hubs etc. and I think the benefits of this cross platform processing even without the 'feedback' would be wonderful. At least for me

There is such good software on both Windows and OSX (and indeed Linux too but best leave that one out for now!) that its a real shame and a limitation to be stuck on one platform.

Also this would totally kill off UAD etc and having read the Reaper forums I know what a total pain in the you know what they've been