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Old 13th January 2017
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I use a K'd plugin, and here's why!

I've been a Komplete user for many many years, I buy the upgrades almost every time they're being released.

I needed to download a Native Instruments Komplete install disc from their website to get my new computer-without-dvd-drive up and running.
I downloaded the disk image about 6 times, each and every time it came up as "damaged" so it wouldn't work. I have no idea if the .iso they offer is damaged or that it just arrives damaged for some reason, but that's what the outcome was, every single time.

I really really REALLY need Kontakt for my work.

Here we go: I try to get in touch with their "support"... TWICE, telling them the disk image on their website is broken or corrupted or damaged and asking if they can help me out.

I haven't had ANY response. NOTHING at all. Again, I've submitted a support ticket twice explaining what's going on.
ZERO reply! WTF...

The above is the reason someone gave me an illegal copy of Kontakt to use.
Mind you, again; I have multiple versions of Komplete sitting on a shelf.

Is this illegal usage of software or having to resort to it because the company you bought it from in the first place (a couple times in the past ten years!) doesn't provide you a working installer??

Ofcourse I will get back to using a proper legal Kontakt once N.I. is willing to give me one...

/rant over