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I've been in a couple of studios that used the Behringer PM-16's. Using them allows each musician to set his own mix, and it didn't seem clunky at all. In fact, I thought it was easy and extremely useful, and IMO would be a far better solution than a web based interface on each musician's smart phone.

The only rationale I could see for the web interface would be if you are on an extremely low budget. The Behringer setup isn't all that expensive.
The P-16 m units are $300. 8 of these is $2400 plus another $200 for the P-16-i input module. Add in another $100 for the p-16-d so I can get 8 units distributed without wall warts, and another $240 for mounting brackets and you are at $2940. That might not be a huge expense for a pro studio but it is a pretty big expense for a home studio. I don't think I have a whole lot more than that invested into my entire current rig.

I am on a budget. At this point I am really just exploring my options. As i said before I've researched the P-16 solution and it is certainly a consideration. It's probably just a bit more than I'd like to spend for remote control of cue sends. What I haven't thoroughly researched is what all the DAWs out there have to offer in terms of remote cue mix control. Hence this thread.

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