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I've been in a couple of studios that used the Behringer PM-16's. Using them allows each musician to set his own mix, and it didn't seem clunky at all. In fact, I thought it was easy and extremely useful, and IMO would be a far better solution than a web based interface on each musician's smart phone.

The only rationale I could see for the web interface would be if you are on an extremely low budget. The Behringer setup isn't all that expensive.

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Your feedback is much appreciated Michal. I'm well aware of the alternative options you mentioned as well as the requirements, limitations, and possible pitfalls of trying something like this. I've researched the Motu and Behringer options in depth. In addition I've also looked into to standalone rack mixers with mix apps like the ones linked in my OP. Pretty much if there is way to do this I've probably looked into it. I've already tried the interface DSP cue mixer and even did an analog mixer front end. I found both options kind of clunky. Doing what I've described in the OP is probably the only possible option I haven't properly researched.

Currently I'm using a PCIX PTHD 8 G5 mac front end feeding a Product: MH-8 | TASCAM . These are low budget projects with 10-12 different players that are all close personal friends.

I like being able to setup the routing and effects directly in the Pro Tools mixer. What I don't like is tweaking 4-8 cue mixes to the players liking. I'd like to upgrade my entire software, computer, and interface setup at some point and I'm exploring all of my options. I think the workflow outlined in my OP could work for me I'm just not well versed in all the options other DAWs offer. I haven't used anything but Pro Tools in the 17 years I've been doing this.