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I agree. Individual cue mixers aren't all that expensive, and really work well. But for the part-time user or someone on an extremely low budget tablet control would be very nice. And for the individual who wants to record himself and simply needs a remote control, the Reaper web control is very slick.
I also agree, that for DAW remote control is good addition.. however OP has mentioned up to 4-8 simultaneous artists.

I would simply assume, if we're talking about some hobby projects (eg. no budget, plenty of time), then one can mouse those monitoring levels at some software DSP console of the interface..
The variant with WiFi remote control requires couple of things.. it starts with establishing access to internal WiFi network to everyone who brought own device and point them to the right app or webpage, which is maybe possible to do, if you always work with the same trusted people.
Otherwise I can imagine all the woes with that, when you have changing people for each gig.. drummer and guitarist has an iPhone, bass player has cheap Android phone which is slow as hell, sax player brought an iPad, but forget his AppleID password.. and vocalist can't connect to your WiFi, maybe phone restart will help Then you have to explain the control itself.. In the sum you can easily spend an hour with that.
Well.. purchase of few preconfigured tablets to avoid similar scenarios can be easily $600-800 extra or so.. plus you have to keep it charged, in good shape and so on.
Also you already need all individual HP amps, analog cabling and power supplies.. it can be like 80$ per piece for some basic amp model with reasonable output power and balanced inputs.
If you compare similar setup with mentioned dedicated monitoring system, which usually also takes power via UTP cable, it isn't so appealing as it might initially look like IMO.

So from my point of view, it's mostly suitable for one band with fixed members at their rehearsal space/garage studio or some musician who otherwise can't control the DAW from his recording place.. those people will get most benefits from this concept.