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Yep Cubase has that and Reaper recent web UI has javascript functions, which also allows control of track send levels. So there is definitely chance for someone to write custom page for CUE mixes.

However I'm personally still not convinced, that's the right way to do it, unless one has significant budget restrictions. Hardware solution will put any DAW and driver latency out of equation, so I can track with any buffer size I like, it's not necessary to clutter DAW project with monitoring AUXes etc.
MOTU AVB interfaces has 48-in mixer with 8 AUXes (at 44.1/48k) and DSP effects, which are controllable from any HTML 5 browser at the network. RME TotalMix allows control from TouchOSC or Lemur via OSC protocol (up to four independent remote control devices, however each device has to have known IP address, so it's more for the situations, where several cheap pre-configured tablets are available).
With regards to MOTU, they also have dedicated AVB Monitor 8 interface, which can be fed with two ADAT ports from any other interface you might be using and has 6 built-in stereo HP amps.. not bad for $1000.
Finally Behringer with their P16-I (input interface with ADAT and analog) and P16-M (remote receiver unit with tactile knobs and physical outputs) isn't really so expensive, if you consider how many features it has (it's expandable, doesn't require tablet applications, it will solve cabling to many locations with simple UTP patchcords and provides HP amps).. especially if you have some commercial studio.