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If there is such a thing. Can you elaborate on how you do this? When I have done it I have done a track at a time for instance or instrument at a time. But it lead me to think that maybe you ride one element then the next element you ride will be relative to the one you just did. Do you ride more then one fader at once? Do you have a technique for this or any useful information about the hows and whys of riding faders. Thanks for all your contributions!
hello crabtwin,

i do a lot of riding. but i ride as i go along. and it really depends on how dense the song is. there's no real technique besides just making room for things by riding down or bringing things up. but i do rely on riding for the final shaping especially in the vocals. to me, it's the only way to really get a dynamic mix going. the mix will just sound very linear without rides. and you can shift the focus on different instruments by making something lower or louder. and everything IS relative to one another, so a lot of times you'll have to revisit something you rode previously. minute changes will affect the whole mix. you have to really listen. it's really based on how you're mix is translating to your ears. so i keep riding things until the mix is really jelling to my ears. you can read a little more about it on the thread "analog automation: techniques..."

all the best