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I have to chime in too, as I have watching Warren's videos for months now. I really appreciate his contributions, and his time and detail to the craft. I remember a video where he talked about how we should stop focusing on the gear, and instead realize that creativity is king! Though that statement rings true with me (completely), I still couldn't stop focusing on getting more stuff! Nothing was getting recorded because I always had something new coming in on the horizon and I would have to adjust the rack space. Then, I finally reached a boiling point when, after umpteen videos showing the same expensive gear being used in the studios he tours, and then truly realized that I need to stop the gear hunt, and get in the studio to record. That's what it took to finally get that message to sink in.

I watched the interview with Matt Starr a while back. I never heard of him until that interview but I instantly found him to be interesting and likable. Coincidentally, I had tickets to a Mr. Big concert that next night in San Francisco and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Matt was playing drums for them. A cool guy and he can play well too! I didn't get to talk to him thought.

But Warren, when will you tour a studio with Alesis, Behringer, Mackie, and a "no DAWs allowed" type of scenario?

Thank you for all you do!!