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Hi, I'm a big fan of 90% of the artists you've worked with, and I'm happy to know that you were the one behind the soundboard. I'm a junior in high school hoping to go into music engineering. I've been taking band for a while and I'm taking music theory this year. I've been planning to major in something music production related in college. You have any recomendations to any colleges good with music production? I've kind of been planning on going to NYU, but like to have some back ups incase that falls through.
PS. Any tips in getting started in the business? (Internships, etc...)

i can only offer you suggestions on schools if you're looking to major in audio engineering. the best thing to do is to make sure the school has a fully functioning "professional" studio equipped with gear that mirrors other studios in the real world. the school should have a large format console like an SSL G or J series or a Neve VR or 88R. i've heard "full sail" and "berklee" have nice studios for their students to learn in.

my best advice, school or no school, is to go and try to get internships at major studios. this is the best way to learn about the engineering. if you're really thinking about making it your carreer, then interning is a great start. most studios don't require you to have a degree or certificate in recording or music. studios will fequently contact the schools when searching for interns but anyone off the street can get an internship based on their personality and their goals. so basically if your interview goes well with the studio manager, then you're in. you just have to call studios in your area (or wherever), and see if they're looking for interns. lots of times they will ask you to submit a resume or something, but they know that most people looking for an internship will not have the most comprehensive resume with tons of experience. so you shouldn't get discouraged if you don't think your resume looks very impressive. your vibe or personality is usually what gets you in the door.

i started interning 3 months into school and it was the best thing i could have ever done. they didn't teach me much in school of what i would be doing as an assistant. and it also gave me a taste of how the lifestyle was going to be like as well as being able to talk to the assistants and some of the engineers about how it was to have a career in recording. you don't get hired as an assistant fresh out of school. you have to start at the bottom and pay your dues and you learn how to become an assistant engineer. it's not for everyone and it's a tough ladder to climb, but if it's your passion then go for it with all your heart...

check the thread "your roots" for a little more of how i started.

best of luck!