thread: SMPTE/MTC Sync?
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Old 16th April 2007
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If you're using tape machines, you're always looking to sync everything to it. The machine control may come from a central unit or the computer, but everything hooks in to the tape unit.

All the transfers I've always done, be it to Umatic, DA-88/98, DAT or digital VCR-like devices(VMOD for example), we've always slaved the audio machine to the most unstable source. And that's always a mechanical device like the tape machines.

The Fairlights varisped their playback in the most precise manner. I know it's hardly possible with a DAW, but syncing to external timecode delivered by LTC, VITC, MTC, SMPTE, Bi-Phase or networked rewire connections will be a very big plus for Reaper in the future.

Btw, Reaper may find a universal use for simple laybacks to Digibeta, HD tape and perhaps even Dolbymod(if it functions as a dubber well enough) if you give it timecode in/out capabilities.

I'd certainly love to see Reaper being a high performance dubber. But for that it needs to be able to sort out machine control input and run from timecode.