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Can you share how it will work in ninjam? I've been looking for an idiot-proof way to collaborate with the singer in my band since he's moved to Philly. He's a mac user and gets baffled trying to work by sharing mp3 files.
The big thing will be a mode that allows each side to play their project, and hear the other side's project synchronized..

But for now, here's something you guys might find interest:

If you install 1.842a1 (or by the time you read this, some later version), you can put ReaNINJAM on your master track, and create a local channel that has "TempoSync" unchecked, and connect to a server (try

At this point, you will hear anybody else who has connected, and they will hear your master output. The latency is generally around 1s, so you can do things like play your projects, and have people talk to you and vice versa..

Stuff like having it sync to transport is coming soon.