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Hi Justin, and Reaper users,

So how is the usabilty of UAD 1 & MCU with Reaper then? As after having a look at your site, and the GUI's I'm thinkin hey lets give it a go as I'm currently using Logic 5.5.1 on a PC, and as every one knows that's no longer supported or developed, but it's what I learned on and am comfortable with.

I recently upgraded my PC to a Core 2 Duo, but because of Logics 1gb ram limitation I will be eventually moving on to another DAW, but the usability of both UAD & MCU are paramount to what I choose to go with.

Also if you hurry groove quantize (and being able to import midi groove templates) that might sway me as well
The MCU works very well.. The UAD works provided you don't mind sacrificing your dual core utilization (you still benefit from the second core, but you can't fully load it like you can when not using the UAD).