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Know the rules then break the rules. I don't like lyrics to be proper formal English - I find that boring, predictable and like being lectured by an lawyer or accountant. Ya gotsa brake the rulez, bro. Mostly, I like the lyrics to flow like conversation. But even that can be boring and predictable. I like something strange to give it spice.

I really like it when words are sung with a different emPHasis on the syllAbles ... to my ears it makes the word sound like it is foreign and exotic. I also find it intriquing when a word is undecipherable and ambiguous. That's the sort of thing that plays tricks on your mind, and makes you want to revist it again and again to try to work it out.

I believe the Beatles and other revolutionaries int he 60's used to deliberately double track conflicting words (often raunchy words, disquised with an equal volume acceptable word, so it was there but indistinct). I used to think these were doubling mistakes, but the more I learn these were not mistakes at all.

Other times people have deliberately made up a word or used a word that nobody knows what it means. Or, a different dialect or pronunciation gives a unique flavour that is irresistable to listeners.

With lyrics the musical value overrides the meaning. Nonsense is perfectly acceptable for art and lyrics. The only real consideration is whether people will find the end result attractive, and without hearing it in context it is impossible to tell. Anything too silly to be said can be sung.

At face value - "she thanks for life" does not appeal to me. But in a musical context, it could be perfect ... hard to say without hearing.