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At work I use Protools to edit/design/mix a 40 minute show. To tell you the truth, our old G4/400MHz PT 5.1.3 MacOS9 rig with 640MB RAM and 3 DSP farms worked better than the 1GB, 1.8GHz G4 PT6.4.1 otherwise-same-rig. And PT7.3LE doesn't work really well on my trusty little Athlon2500XP 1GB home rig.

But Reaper does. I'm mixing 30+ tracks with EQs and FX of old tracker songs and old material without trouble. It works nicely with my MCU. I'm not using it for sound design yet. Vegas and PTle work too well for that for small projects like that, but I may get there once I rename all my fx files with Soundminer.

So I use it for fun mixing at home. Love it. Payed for it.