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Yes the extra filter that the SRC imposes is audible, but here is my take. For studio recordings you won't hear it.

In the case that you are recording jazz or orchestral performances in a good acoustic space, I would hear a similar filter on PCM quite easily compared to a raw DSD recording.

So for example if I take a raw DSD recording of an orchestral performance and then convert that to 384khz for editing in Pyramix, then convert the 384 back to DSD, the two files are very different. Now the only thing that would cause this difference is the 384khz filter used in the conversion to PCM.

The difference between the files is obvious. The differences are all related to the sense of space and soundstage. The raw DSD represents the acoustic space that is captured in the recording accurately. The sense of accurate space and soundstage is diminished significantly in the file that was converted to PCM and then back again into DSD.

Again this difference is obvious to me, but it is related to the sense of space. This never exists in a studio recording in the first place so the difference would not be heard in a studio recording.

It is a can of worms but somehow the very slight smearing of a 384kHz filter is enough to alter the timing of the sound in a way that to me is quite damaging.

So yes a 192khz filter is audible, but not in a studio recording.

Sorry to run on, and this is all IMO of course, but you did ask.