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hi russell,
lots a the artist you've worked with i love for their sound. And now, i have to think you're a part of that.
There has been a lot of talk on D'angelo, but i wondered if you could talk a bit the recording and mixing of The Roots' "Phrenology".
For example, how do you achieve such a drum sound as in the song "sacrifice"?
I also think the highlight (for me) of the album is the song "water". Such a groove!!! The percussive part seems really complex, could you decrypt it for us? (i hear claps a lot, a snare punctuation, a jazzy hihat...)
And of course, i wanted to talk to you about the finish, after 4'. Could you tell us more about how it was generated? what was the original idea? I LOVE THAT PART ! and i think it is brilliant! all those sounds are great.
Thanks a lot for being here Eric H.
hello eric,

i really can't speak for "sacrifice" because i didn't mix that one. i'm pretty sure that was mr bob power .
yeah "water" was a real trip to mix. (thanks for the compsheh) i'll try my best to remember what i can. ahmir wanted to go for a sort of heavy, dark mood that would evoke the way a person would feel if one is going through a battle with drugs. if i remember correctly, we mixed that song in 2 stages and edited them together. and we probably took about a day for the first half and 3 days for the 2nd half. ahmir had the whole idea/concept in his head and it was a great experience to try and capture what was in his mind. we recorded all those sounds and drums in one day and ahmir doing most of the sounds. he laid down a few different drum patterns throughout that whole trippy section. and i processed each one of them a few different ways. so i had a few drum pallettes to choose from. so i would fade those sounds in out of the mix.

this is a perfect example of trying the craziest things you could think of and making it work. i listened to it while i was writing and i did some really psychedelic stuff in there! i couldn't possibly begin to tell you how i did some of those things, mostly becasue i don't remember! i can hear that i did crossfades on the drums to make them go from one effect to another. eg:drums would be phased and it would morph into a clean sound with reverb. and for delays i using mostly pcm 42's, pcm 41's and a maestro tape echo. and i do know that i didn't use any plug-ins and i mixed it off tape.

all the best