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hello solar,

this is an interesting subject. the role or definition of a producer today is not the same as it was pre-1980. today, i think it has mostly to do with the genre of music. in hip hop, and in most of the r&b world, the "beat maker" or "song writer" is considered the producer. but now that i think about it, hip hop/r&b (some pop stuff) are the ONLY genres where the producer's role is not seperate from the songwriter's role. in other genres, like rock for instance, the artist is usually writing the songs and the producer is giving suggestions on arrangement or getting the best performance from the band/artist. this is more of what i would be doing as a producer. getting the best performance from everyone, making sure the session is running smoothly, getting the right people together, getting the vision or concept of the project materialized. this is the traditional producer role, like phil spector, tom dowd, george martin, etc.

these days there might be 5 different producers and 5 engineers on one album. IMHO this makes for an album which is more "single" driven and unfocused. and the role of the artist is more or less a puppet and is just told what to do. this is fine for some artists but also frustrating for other artists. there is a lot of talented singer/songwriters out there but are not given the oppurtunity because the market is saturated (by the labels) with the one hit wonders. the labels are not so concerned with having a career artist like they did in the past. the labels used to give more attention to their artists like aretha franklin or stevie wonder were helped to develop their careers. now it's, more than ever, about the disposable artist...but there's hope. i think the industry is shifting a little toward the songer/songwriter, especially with the successes of the independent labels. let's try and help the shift further.

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Hello Mr Russell!

Thank thank you very very much for taking the time to respond to my thread. Really appreciate and i totally agree that Music producer back in the days was totally different thing then today. But again i wanted to hear the opinion of an well established Producer/Engineer and more like you.. its always good to have great feedback cuz we learn from them.

again thanx a million...

I will be sending you a PM soon! Truly