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Here for the gear

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I would rather not be the guinea pig Although I did notice he has 100% positive feedback on ebay.
One should always be carefully about serious criticism when the person isn't here to defend himself or debate facts at least. There is a reason I have 100% rate is that I do value customer satisfaction. those exhibiting outrageous things about me seems to deserve their treatment cos they treated me with abuse themselves. And I'd rather get my product returned ( in perfect condition only ) for full refund no questions asked! that is how confident I am about my stuff. ( not arrogant! ) and how I'd rather keep it for genuine good people.

Plus I do accept exceptional return anytime so there is no excuse at all!!

I've witnessed increasing unreliability with postal services around the world lately: I send International signed&tracked: that means if you aren't at home when attempt delivery you get a card. ( unless the postman is just a ..)
That also means that customer should be responsible for tracking their parcel cos I ALWAYS give tracking number!! including in the UK. that is why my postage service is expensive: I pay for that without profit at all on handling/post cost ( nearly a 1/3 of the total price I am afraid. but I only charge 1GBP for each added item ) I am not a company, I don't have a deal with distribution and I don't make 66% profit on my units to allow for that!

the chap complaining about my attitude with my parcel coming from Canada . Of course it shouldn't have been .. that is Post grass mistake but he never tracked his parcel to help himself as I understand.
I've sold quite a substantial amount in 5 years. I never ever heard anything like that!! )

And yes first time ever I was late delivering due to part stockage. I am sorry about that .. but wait I still dispatched it within the time given through ebay ( I aways dispatch within a week but allows 2 weeks on terms&C. ).

Yes it works on all I repeat ALL DYNAMIC & RIBBON PASSIVE mics including low impedance vintage mics.. and matched pair means less 0.5dB close.. ( boost amount varies with mics and preamp. but given matched preamp and microphones, the booster pair is also matched!! ) I hope this clears up the air.