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Originally Posted by Russell Elevado View Post
the difficult part is now finding the artists to produce who will fit my musical personality...someone who knows my style...
anyone looking for an amazing producer ???

for anyone interested check "what's moving you now..." as i'll be talking about keziah and krystle there.

Hi Russel,

another one joining the (probably very long) list of artists who would love to have you for producer heh. The artist is Alise, Dutch singer and songwriter who also plays trumpet. I'm the co-writer and arranger and take care of the production for now together with Alise. Alise is unsigned and due to the conservative nature of the small Dutch record industry we have to look abroad to devellop our music. All the ideas are there, the sound isn't there yet. Style is a mixture of pop, soul and jazz. You can listen to some of the demos at and some older demos, live material and a bio in english at

We would be very honoured if you had the time to listen to our work. We'll always be listening to yours

all the best

ps: I've send you a private email as well.