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My Mac Pro 5,1 running a HDX system, also came with a dual power supply required GPU (ATI 5870). Traded that down to a single power supply GPU.

Honestly, unless you're trying to multi purpose your Mac (I.e., using for more than strictly audio work) there's no need for a high end GPU and that's another conversation.

I've tried a NVIDIA GeForce GT120 (requires no motherboard power) and a ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics for Mac Pro (requires one motherboard power connection.). Arguably based on pure specs, the 5770 is a better GPU than the GT120, but in real world usage when running Pro Tools HDX, I didn't notice any improvement in graphics display using the 5770 over the GT120.

I have a dual display setup with an Apple 27" Cimena display and a smaller Dell VGA display. Running OSX 10.5.5.

I settled on the 5770 just because I could.