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You can first try to use some splitter for 6 pin power connector.
Kinda like this..
I can't tell you, if that will be sufficient for all your components though..
Titan is pretty power demanding card (can reach >250W) and single splitted line together with HDX card could be over the current limit for the power supply.
I've never tried it at Mac, it has to be some aftermarket upgrade at your setup.

Anyway, for a DAW usage you'd definitely don't need Titan X.
Among official graphic cards supported by Apple, I have pretty good experience with AMD Radeons 5770 or 5870.. both works well in all original MacPros (even with oldest models) and works without any additional driver.
If you want some more recent card, then you can likely use some newer Nvidia card like GeForce 750, which isn't supported at Mac OS X out of box, but can be used in similar fashion like your Titan with unified Nvidia downloadable driver.
Those upgrades belongs more to hackintosh territory, so check for more details about its compatiblity, required driver versions etc.