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Justin, I’ve been watching REAPER’s development for a while now and it seems that more focus is on audio than MIDI features. Will we see more focus on implementing advanced MIDI features in the future? I would love to see REAPER’s piano roll, MIDI tools, and MIDI pattern clips similar to (or better than) FL Studio’s. I’m sure many people are waiting for these features before they make the switch to REAPER.

Also, is there a way to disable REAPER from scanning my plug-ins at start up? It slows me down.
We periodically give the midi side love... but yes, it's behind audio.

As far as scanning plug-ins, for it to be able to find VSTs that may be loaded by a project, it has to scan them. However it only loads the DLLs when it sees one for the first time-- so if you havent installed any new ones since the last time you ran it, it should only take a few seconds.