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I'm looking to upgrade my monitors to either the 20's or 25's my room is 13x10 w 8 feet ceiling.
Wondering if the 25's are too big for my room.
I'm also worried that the 20's will lack low end.
With 20s, an ATC mid dome is grafted to the woofer cone, so that is why it has the best mids of any 2 way I know of. So you get that ATC midrange and the new ATC tweeter above.

One could buy a subwoofer pros sub to give you the stuff below 95 if its so necessary (for clients or for you?).

Know that low end in a room that small is often reported as a problem. "Not enough bass" even from a good low end speaker is a comment we've heard more than once. Based on the smaller room dimension, the 20s may actually work better for you.