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Here for the gear

Hi Russell

Wanted to add my thanks for taking time out and sharing your experience and expertise here. I'm a big fan of your work so its great to get to hear this stuff 'first hand' from you.

Originally Posted by Russell Elevado View Post
we do have plans to head in the studio in may to finish mixes on some live material from the voodoo tour and that's all i can say about the live stuff for now...sorryheh

I was surprised to read this as that material is several years old now and goes back even further in terms of when those tracks were actually written. Given your comments about how the new material is different to anything that he's done before is there it a challenge for both yourself and D to revisit this material and get back into that headspace.

Also just one more quick thing...

I appreciate you can't go into much detail - but are you able to say how much new material there is. Is D working on perfecting an album's worth of tracks or has he built up a whole bunch of new stuff over the last few years?

I read an interview with Alan Leeds a year or two back where he mentioned that D had enough tracks for several albums - but that doesn't seem to fly with what Quest has said over on Okayplayer.

Regardless - its great that things are in progress. D has been badly missed.

Thanks again for your time and keep up the great work!!