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The D12VR is an nice kick-mic, but it should be mentioned that it's not only no 1:1 replacement for the classic D12, to me it's a completely different mic soundwise, even with the filters set to neutral and used passive. But again, it's really nice in the "modern kick-mic"-department, and the two switchable filter curves add a lot more flexibility to get a good sound quick, without grabbing the eq immediately.

My honourable mentions would be the EV ND 868, that I prefer about a lot of the other modern "tailored" kick-mics like the Sennheiser or the Audix (and I never get along well with the D112 except for live usage), maybe because I have the feeling the frequency curve it's not as tailored as a lot of other are these days, giving it a little more classic and neutral approach.

Oh yes, and an unusual but great choice if one want to go the condenser-route would be the AKG C5600 (hard to find these days, wasn't a big success the time it was build, I guess). Build like a tank, takes lots of SPL, and just sounds right if you want to capture the natural tone of the kick, plus tracks recorded with it takes EQ very well.