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You don't record it with an XY or blumlein configuration ? Cheers
hello ambroise,
yes, this is a good point and good techniques heh! though i'm not fond of a stereo sound from a solo guitar you might like it for your application "bellssurfer". XY in cardioid at 90 degrees of each other will give you a decent stereo effect.

XY in mid/side (M&S) is very effective, if done correctly, for a focused mono sound but still capturing the room ambience in stereo. both mics should be closely matched. one mic in cardioid faces the source and the other mic in figure 8 placed underneath the other mic but facing 90 degrees to the cardioid mic. this captures the ambience. but you have to split the figure 8 mic's signal to 2 faders and "flip" the phase of one channel and pan them LR of each other. then you can adjust the amount of width and ambience combined with the mono mic.

i don't do too much stereo micing other than piano or a percussion stereo thing as i like a mono sound and i will usually pan things to one side or another. but this is great advice ambroise, if you're recording solo instruments and you can really hear the focused stereo signal. IMO it's not as useful in a typical song with a whole band as the stereo impact is not as effective.

I've not tried the blumlein technique.
i'm sure if you search google you can find pictures and a more in depth description of these techniques.