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Old 23rd November 2016
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iD14 / iD22 Preamps

Not sure if people are still interested in this thread, but it looks like there is a difference in gain structure between iD14 and iD22 preamps - don't know how much that would change the sound, if it does at all:

I've seen a lot of people talking about the gain of the preamps on the iD14 and iD22. The iD22 has +60dB of gain whereas the iD14 has +66dB of gain with a +10dB software boost available through our iD mixer software. The same preamp design is used across both interfaces however with component values slightly changed. It is in fact the same design we have used on all our preamps including our ASP8024 large format console.

Quoted from Daniel @ Audient UK from this thread:
Focusrite Forte Vs Audient id22